Solar Asset Management Event Track Record

Solarplaza has been organizing events since 2004, hosting over 90 events in over 30 countries. This line-up includes 8 previous events specifically focused on Solar Operations & Maintenance and Solar Asset Management all around the world.

Solar Asset Management Asia
3rd edition

8-9 June 2017 /// Tokyo, Japan

250+ Participants (expected)

Solar Asset Management North America
4th edition

28-29 March 2017 /// San Francisco, USA

500+ Participants (expected)

Solar Asset Management Europe
4th edition

9-10 November 2016 /// Milan, Italy

350+ Participants

“Great opportunity to meet all the key stakeholder of the sector within a very professional and organized format and at the same time informal and friendly atmosphere.” - CEO /// Stern Energy

Solar Asset Management LATAM
1st edition

28-29 September 2016 /// Santiago de Chile

150+ Participants

“The event is clearly focused on relevance. Very well channeled speakers towards the relevant matters avoiding publicitary plug-ins and very comfortable networking setting for relationship building beyond card exchange.” - Consultancy Manager /// Antuko Finance + Energy

Solar Asset Management Asia
2nd edition

What did participants think of the event?

General evaluation: 8.8/10
• 81% of participants will definitely recommend the event to a colleague or a friend
• 54% of attendees are confident that they will close business deals as a result of their attendance at the event

2-3 June 2016 /// Tokyo, Japan

200+ Participants

“Many thanks for an excellent event - from our perspective as an investment fund, we appreciated both the technical presentations as well as the networking. We now have a better appreciation of the technical support available to us for post-acquisition operations.” - Executive Director /// SDI Capital

“Rare opportunity to listen and talk about Solar Asset Management in Japan.” - Analyst /// Bloomberg New Energy Finance

“Very efficient way to network and learn about solar asset management in Japan.” - Sales Manager /// QOS Energy

“This event give us a chance to meet and talk to the companies that we can’t reach on our own.” - Business Development Manager /// Solarig

“Solarplaza has outdone itself again by putting on a very valuable and informative conference on solar asset management.” - CEO /// 3Megawatt

“A unique solar related conference with a high International character.” - President & CEO /// Japan Mega Solar

“Currently, the best conference in Japan in PV.” - Director /// Adler Solar Works

Solar Asset Management North America
3rd edition

16-17 March 2016 /// San Francisco, USA

400+ Participants

“The best Asset Management and O&M focused conference of the year that gathers a diverse group of attendees and provides valuable opportunities to grow existing business relationships and foster new ones.” - Director of O&M /// Namaste Solar

Solar Asset Management Europe
3rd edition

20-21 October 2015 /// Milan, Italy

250+ Participants

“Unmissable event for solar industry professionals. Excellent occasion to meet top players and exchange views, strategies and learnings in a friendly atmosphere.” - Senior Portfolio Manager /// Foresight group

Solar Asset Management Asia
1st edition

24-25 June 2015 /// Tokyo, Japan

150+ Participants

What did participants think of the event?

General evaluation: 8/10
• 80% of participants will definitely recommend the event to a colleague or a friend
• 70% of attendees are confident that they will close business deals as a result of their attendance at the event

“A fantastic event to meet with the key participants in the Japanese solar industry.” - (Division Director, Macquarie Capital)

“A space for high-grade discussion among fellow professionals.” - (Business Manager Japan, AquaSoli Mega Solar Engineering)

“Professionally extremely well done.” - (Director, Mathyos)

“A very valuable event that will help to shape the large-scale solar-plant business in Japan.” - (CEO, NexPV)

“Networking everywhere, never experienced at any other conference.” - (Omron)

“The programme was comprehensive and the event defines current status, problems and issues, and future visions of PV.” - (Research & Development, Mitsui Chemicals)

“I was able to get the current status and opinions from a wide range of experts related to PV at the same time.” - (Deputy Senior Manager, Shinsei Bank)

Solar Asset Management North America
2nd edition

1-2 April 2015 /// San Francisco, USA

360+ Participants

“SAMNA is the mechanism facilitating necessary conversations between financiers, developers, and service providers resulting in defined pathways for more realistic project expectations, smoother project development, and clearer communication between all involved in the life cycle of a solar energy facility.”

Solar O&M Europe
2nd edition

7-8 October 2014 /// Milan, Italy

230+ Participants

"An excellent networking moment, next to an interesting opportunity to discuss the optimization of PV assets." - Vice President /// Next Energy Capital

Solar O&M North America
1st edition

25-26 March 2014 /// San Francisco, USA

250+ Participants

"It covered every major aspect of the technical and business challenges and solutions facing the industry as a whole. I highly recommend attendance at next year's O&M conference!" - Sales & Marketing Director /// meteocontrol

Solar O&M Europe
1st edition

9 October 2013 /// Milan, Italy

160+ Participants

"Solarplaza's O&M conference addressed an oft undervalued, yet relevant, part of the solar value chain. Our company found value in both the content and networking opportunities." - Director of Business Development /// First Solar