RTS Corporation is a comprehensive consulting firm on PV business, founded in 1983. Based upon more than 30 years of our experiences and accumulated knowledge in PV, we have been providing information and supporting our customers to commercialize their business plans and enhance their PV businesses.
In order to transform PV from one of the alternatives to fossil fuel to one of the mainstream energy sources, we are committed to achieving a full-fledged dissemination of PV power generation and further growth of the PV industry. We, all the RTS members, are united and devote ourselves in continuously providing valuable consulting services to our customers.
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Bloomberg New Energy Finance provides the most sophisticated energy analysis, datasets and models in the world. Our analysts and experts in six continents, publishes over 700 reports as well as commentary, reactions, and long-term forecasts every year in order for our clients to gain a clear perspective on the technologies and financial, economic and policy trends driving the energy transformation.
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Japan’s largest PV industry shows, PV EXPO 2018 and PV SYSTEM EXPO 2018 will be held from Feb. 28 – Mar. 2 in Tokyo next year. The events will take place at Tokyo Big Sight, covering both upstream and downstream PV business alongside with technical conferences. Both shows are expected to attract 430 exhibitors from 18 countries, and including concurrent shows, 70,000 trade visitors from 71 countries to source the leading-edge PV technologies and products.
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VIS ON PRESS is a publishing company which publishes the photovoltaic journal "PVeye" , and is managing the portal site of photovoltaic generation "PVeye Web". We contribute to development of the photovoltaic market through media activity of reporting the news about photovoltaic generation.
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PHOTON is the largest and oldest independent publisher worldwide in the field of solar electricity production. PHOTON’s publications cover the solar world with in-depth, independently researched articles written by our own staff of editors from around the world.
Headquartered in Germany since 1996, we are the most renowned and completely independent solar magazine publisher dedicated to applying a critical approach to journalism. There is a strict separation between our editorial teams and advertising department to ensure a journalistic environment free of the influences of public relations. Our independent reporting is exactly what appeals to our readers.
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40 Years of Foresight, Insight and Integrity

“Ethical Markets Media is a micro-multinational social enterprise with the mission of reforming markets and metrics while helping accelerate and track the transition to the green economy worldwide with the Green Transition Scoreboard®, Ethical Biomimicry Finance®, Transforming Finance TV Series. Research and daily news at”
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The monthly "energy forum" is an energy synthesis policy magazine of the Japan best to boast of wide readers more than 40,000 copies to from the management top of the company engaged in energy to the spot person in charge, politics, the bureaucratic world, a society, consumers. We thoroughly investigate the problems around the industry in a national economy-like viewpoint for being foresighted and we do "valuable information" and am easy to read it briefly and, including the actual situation of the energy industry, provide it. As "an opinion leader of the energy industry to revolutionize," we offer valuable information.
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SOLAR JOURNAL is Japan’s free magazine, online magazine and event-incorporating multimedia that aims to promote renewable energy, including solar energy.
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JPMA (Japan Photovoltaic Maintenance Association) established the qualification of "Photovoltaic Maintenance Engineer" to ensure effective maintenance throughout the industry and hold the qualification courses using actual power plants at 10 sites nationwide to train the engineers.
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New Energy News is a Japanese newspaper specialized in the new energy industry in Japan. We cover all fields of the industry. You can read in-depth reports on renewable energy, e.g. solar power, wind power and so on, and technology of energy management such as gas cogeneration, fuel cell, EV, and ZEH in New Energy News. We promote development using new energy for sustainable society.
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